Why Music?

Children that participate in music classes regularly do better in reading and maths when they start school

Music helps children focus and control their bodies and is great for individuality, confidence and self esteem

Music vastly improves children’s social skills and they interact better with others.

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Welcome to Chime Expressive Arts

All children love music. Music is not only fun, but it can be educational too. Every Chime Expressive Arts session is developed and structured to include the experiences and outcomes required in the Scottish Government’s Curriculum for Excellence.

Why Chime?

Each session meets the needs of the Scottish Government’s Curriculum for Excellence. Chime encourages children to become:

successful learners

confident individuals

responsible citizens

effective contributors

 Chime provides all props and musical instruments- enough for every child. Therefore schools do not need to provide anything!

Chime is fun unique and exciting and all children love to sing and dance! Through music Chime encourages children to develop a knowledge and appreciation of cultural values, identities and ideas..more>>