Why Chime?

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For any enquiries please feel free to call Aileen Saunders on 07528 164956 or contact Aileen by email at aileen@chimechildren.co.uk


Why use Chime?

For the teachers:

  • Each session meets the needs of the Scottish Government’s Curriculum for Excellence. Chime encourages children to become:

successful learners

confident individuals

responsible citizens

effective contributors

  • Chime provides all props and musical instruments- enough for every child. Therefore schools do not need to provide anything!
  • Chime can provide report cards for recording each child’s progress, if required.
  • Each class-plan covers a different topic relating to various cultural occasions and events. For example St. Andrews Day, Diwali and Chinese New Year. Numerous musical styles, composers and musicians are also frequently covered.

For the children:

  • Children learn to respond to music by describing their own personal thoughts and feelings about their individual work, and others work.
  • All of Chimes props and instruments are of a very high quality, are age specific and are unique, interesting and fun!
  • Chime classes will often involve other subjects such as maths and English, helping children to improve their numeracy, language and communication skills.
  • Chime is a entertaining and exciting way of learning about the expressive arts and it will have children smiling and giggling for hours!